This app is specially designed for the Students who are going through their school years. All the content in the App is consonant with the Evergreen Publications textbooks.

Yes, Evergreen App is free to Download and install.

You can get the app from www.evergreenpublications.in or from Android App Store Or You can directly clicking here.

Currently, Evergreen App is available for Mobile and Tablet Android devices only.

Currently, Evergreen App is available for Android users only. We are working hard to provide you the App on other platforms as well on the urgent basis.

Evergreen App is compatible with multiple Android versions from ‘Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0’ to the latest version of the Android Operating System.

This app is for anybody who is willing to learn something new. Using Evergreen Publications’ textbooks with the App can elevate your learning experience up to 10 times.

This is very lightweight App. This App just needs approximately 15 MB free space on the device to get installed.

Evergreen App is very user-friendly, consonant with Evergreen Publications textbooks and delivers an interactive approach with the help of animated videos, online tests etc.

Evergreen Publications app is loaded with interactive study material in the form of animations, videos, online tests etc. Also, Evergreen Publications provides you with a wide range of textbooks for all the Central and State Education Boards in India.

Most of the doubts and queries are clarified in the study material provided in the app. If any doubt or query is not solved you can directly reach to our Subject Matter Experts via ‘Ask An Expert’ section in the app.

Study material in the app is provided in different formats such as 2D or 3D animations, images, videos, eBooks and much more.

Yes, we are providing the content of subjects which are listed in the curriculum as per the guidelines of Education Board.

Just go to the main Dashboard and go to the Options Menu (three dots on the right upper corner of the screen), then go to ‘Preferences’ and select, ‘Refer a Friend’.

Yes, the app is designed with an interactive approach and it is full of Animations, Videos and Games which directly or indirectly encourages the user to learn more and more about his/her curriculum. We are providing you with a Schedule Reminder, an interactive Brain Teaser section along with features to save Notes and Ask An Expert section for the solution of personalized queries, directly from our Subject Matter Experts.

As you Install the App, you get all the access of provided features in the app, except the textbooks. To get access you have to enter the Sixteen Digit Code which is given free with our textbooks.

Yes, the app is equipped with all the study material of all the subjects in the curriculum.

Yes, you can view all the Queries which are asked by anyone on the platform publicly.

Yes, just select and copy the text you want to keep in notes and then go to the option menu (three dots on the right upper corner of the screen) and select Notes. Automatically the text you copied will appear in the notes section. You can save notes directly and access it later.

Evergreen Publications India Ltd.
Evergreen Publications India Ltd.

Evergreen Publications’ Smart Learning is specifically designed on the idea of Deeper Learning. If you are using Evergreen Publications textbook your learning experience will drastically improve upto 10 times.

EPOS is an Online app store for android.

No, EPOS can be downloaded only on android devices.

Yes,the user should be connected to internet to download the books.

No, the user need not be connected to internet to read the downloaded eBooks, the eBooks gets stored in the android device.

Yes, the user should be connected to internet to download the books.